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Minol Ultrasonik Kalorimetre DN 100

Marka Minol
Ürün Kodu DN 100 Ultrasonik Kalorimetre

Dn 300 ve tüm büyük çaplı ultrasonik kalorimetre modelleri Minol markası ile Bulut Enerjide. 


Flow sensor IUF

with 2 ultrasonic measuring paths for combination with calculators

for measurement of thermal energy (heating or cooling)

Nominal flow qp 15 to qp 600 m³/h

Nominal diameter DN 50 to DN 300

The flow sensors IUF serve to record the heat carrier

volume (water) in closed circulation systems of heating

or cooling plants. The scope of application reaches

from measuring points in buildings to district heating

or cooling networks .

The recorded volume can be output either in the form

of conventional volume pulses or via an optional data

interface (type VMCP / Volume Meter Cycle Protocol).

Particularly noteworthy is the compatibility with the

short case lengths of Woltman WP flow sensors, so that

these mechanical devices can now be easily replaced

by ultrasonic technology without the need for expensive reconstruction of the respective measuring point.

To complete a measuring point for thermal energy,

a calculator and a pair of temperature sensors are


Performance characteristics at a glance

■ High-quality and durable housing, up to nominal size

DN 100 made of stainless steel

■ 2 ultrasonic measuring paths for precise flow measurement

■ MID type examination certificat DE-19-MI004-PTB031 in

the metrological class 2

■ Supplementary German type examination certificat

DE-20-M-PTB-0012 for cooling applications

■ No straight inlet or outlet sections required

■ Permanent temperature load up to 105 °C or 130 °C,

depending on the version

■ Any installation position (even "head down")

■ Optional data interface for transmission of volume,

flow rate, flow direction and device status

■ Continuous nominal diameters from DN 50 to 300,

including DN 125

■ Ideal for calibration replacement of Woltman flow

sensors of type WP and WS due to compatible overall


■ Can be combined with the ZENNER multidata WR3 or

other standard energy calculators

■ Optional possibility of integrating a temperature sensor

or pressure sensor with threaded connection ½"